Expert Kubernetes Management

BoxOps, powered by BoxBoat and Kubernetes

BoxOps is a BoxBoat managed services solution built to deploy, scale, and monitor containerized applications.  BoxOps allows your developers to stay focused on building great applications while our experts keep the pipelines and clusters running smoothly.



Harbor Registry

Secure Docker Registry





DeVOps as a Service

BoxOps is a fully managed solution that allows you to benefit from all the features of secure continuous delivery with Kubernetes without having to worry about hiring and training staff.

BoxOps puts a team of friendly BoxBoat SREs in control of your infrastructure. We’ll implement powerful automated systems that bring you a host of benefits such as greater stability and quicker time to market, then we’ll manage it.

Available Public Cloud (AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKE) or On-Premise (Docker EE)

24/7 Infrastructure Support

Team approach, Slack collaboration

Experts available to advise on Best Practices

Stability and Scalability

Additional Cloud Services available

About Us

BoxBoat Technologies offers services to accelerate enterprise adoption of modern DevOps tool chains, container technologies, and cloud solutions.

We are technologists at heart who believe in the power of containerization and the increased scale, flexibility, and resource utilization it brings to the development workflow. Deliver software faster with BoxBoat, a Premier Docker Inc. partner and CNCF Kubernetes Solution Provider.

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